• Pakistan has a population of 220 million with limited medical and health resources. Being a developing country, it has limited number of medical consultants and facilities even in major cities.
  • The idea behind second opinion is to provide a neutral platform to suffering patients’ and institutes seeking medical advice before or without travelling abroad.
  • Complex & chronic medical issues sometimes require critical decisions to be taken by the loved ones or by the patient. An international subject authority or neutral opinion is need of the hour.
  • The cost of healthcare in Pakistan is a great burden on the patient budget and one timely advice on critical issues would help to save resources and alleviate the patients suffering.
  • Sehberg Trust, a non-profit organization is going to reduce the cost for patients seeking second advice from international consultant. And will make Second Opinion feasible from global medical consultants. .
  • Sehberg Trust was established in 2007, as a non profit, non religious, purely humanitarian organization under the 1882 Trust Act of Pakistan. Sehberg Trust is serving the community of Pakistan in the areas of Health, Education, Environment and Livelihood.
  • Sehberg Trust is also registered with Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) under Federal Board of Revenue, Government of Pakistan. Under PCP the Trust enjoys various benefits, such as obtaining tax benefits including approval, and only PCP certified organizations are included in PCP’s annual directory which is widely circulated among donor community and other key stakeholders including Government.
  • Sehberg Trust Second Opinion project is one of the several initiatives of the Trust. For more details, please visit our website: www.sehbergtrust.com

Mission Statement

“Providing Patients with the most vital medical opinion from the best Global Consultants’”.


  • To diagnose & provide strength to the patient and loved ones’ for immediate & critical decisions.
  • To provide a vital bridge between the patients’ and Global Consultants’ without the need to travel abroad.
  • If travel abroad is required, the project shall facilitate the patient and the Second Opinion global institutions to connect.
  • To facilitate Global Consultants’, when travelling to Pakistan to treat patients and exchange their knowledge with medical community.

Studio Facility at Islamabad

In the heart of Islamabad, a state of the art building, houses the studio, which offers uninterrupted internet and electrical services, under experienced medical staff.

The Building offers wheelchair access along with two parallel running elevators. A facility designed to accommodate patient intake with its’ wide corridors' and services.