Our Process: What we do

  • Second Opinion Medical Team carefully studies and examines each case thoroughly.
  • Develop case history from all available unorganized medical records and reports. So that a meaningful case history is available for the International Consultants’ to understand the issue and help them in giving their best Second Opinion to the potential patient.

Step 1 - Initial Dialogue

  • At the time of initial dialogue our Medical Coordinator will explain about the process of medical Second Opinion services and match one of our International Consultants’ who can be approached for the specific disease.
  • Explain the patients’ about the two types of consultations which we offer a) patient file review or b) Live interview with the Consultant.
  • Provide details on the fee and try to manage their expectations.

Step 2 - Our Initial Dialogue with the Consultant

  • A brief executive summary will be shared with the matching consultant to have his/her Consent to take up the case as per the options available.

a)Patient File Review Consultation

b)1-on-1 Live Consultation at the Studio

  • Get timelines from the Consultant and match it with the patients’ preference.
  • Exchange and finalize the fee of the Consultant, get consent forms and other relevant documentation signed along with indemnification bond.

Step 3 - Consultation Process

  • A detailed medical history shall be prepared for the Consultant as per the following consultation categories already agreed:

(i) Patient File Review (PFR) Consultation

A detailed medical history summary shall be prepared by our medical team which will include: all parameters of the patients’ disease, investigations done and treatment received so far. If any further investigations are required to complete the history, it shall be done before the case is sent to the Consultant for its’ review.

(ii) 1-on-1 Live Consultation at Studio

1-on-1 Live Consultation at Studio will be facilitated if the consultant feels the need to have a face to face meeting with the patient and family. However, before that all requirements and process of history will be completed and provided to the Consultant as explained in PFR Consultation above. 


Step 4 - Consultation Process

  • Fee will be charged as per the Individual Consultants’ charge sheet or probono.
  • Consultants’ fee will be transferred into International Consultants’ account as per instructions.
  • In case of PFR Consultation a detailed history shall be sent and the recommendations shall be communicated to the patients’ by the Sehberg Trust, if opted by the Consultant. This shall help to avoid any onus of legal or other issues for the Consultant.
  • In case of 1-on-1 Live Consultation at Studio the time and all arrangements for successful interaction shall be ensured in presence of our medical staff.

Our Role in Summary

  • Provide Second Opinion Studio, Front Desk and Allied services.
  • Marketing of International Consultants’ through our Social and Digital Media Platforms.
  • Prepare thorough patient history for the Consultants’.
  • Doctors’ visiting Pakistan will be provided clinic services, along with logistics support for travel, managing seminars for patients’, medical community, and institutions.
  • International Consultants’ who want to perform surgical interventions for patient benefit, and to educate and equip doctors in Pakistan, shall be provided with the required surgical theatres and other facilities through our partnering organizations.
  • If patients are required to travel abroad, the project management will facilitate the patient, consultant and international institution for the treatment.