Dr Kamran Masud

Board of Trustee (BoT)

Dr. Kamran completed his MPH from San Diego State University, California in 1989. He followed a career in public administration and health serving in key position in the Federal Ministry of Health, Pakistan and World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to his 30 years in the field of health, he also is a BoT of Sehberg Trust, where he provides strategic vision to the various initiatives of the trust.

Dr. Irum Kamran

Board Of Trustee (BoT)

A medical doctor by profession, she has pursued a career in public health serving in international organizations providing technical advice on various policy and strategic initiatives in the health sector. Dr. Irum is also the co-founder and director of Sehberg Trust. She completed her MPH from Health Services Academy Pakistan.

Dr.Faisal Maqsood MD

Medical Officer

Dr Faisal has over 15 years of experience in national and international healthcare service providers. He has worked with Rochdale Nursing home UK and Harleev Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is an expert is providing basic healthcare services and support to senior consultants.

Dr.Subeen Shad

Medical Officer

Mehvish Aziz

Patient Coordinator

Mehvish is a behavior therapist by profession, she has completed her masters in applied psychology from Quaid-e-Azam University. She specializes in patient handling, history and general management. She is vital part of the Second Opinion team to ensure patient handling and expectation management.

Hammad Ashraf Khan

Nursing Staff

Young and energetic person who is trained in major surgeries and providing excellent nursing support to patients. Hammad is vital to the operation ensuring vitals and record keeping of all patients.

Muhammad Ali Butt

Project Director

Muhammad is an ambitious and driven professional who is keen to undertake challenges and play a proactive role within an organization. He has a mature and responsible approach to any task or situation presented to him. He has a rich experience in managing sustainable development initiatives at local and international organizations spanning over a period of 8 years.

Sohaib Butt

Project Coordinator

Sohaib has a dynamic personality to undertake any coordination role given to him. He is a pro-active young individual who has experience in working with several start-ups. Sohaib’s key areas of expertise include IT, Procurement, Communication and Operations.